10 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Good Pets

10 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Good Pets

You don’t know what’s the right pet for you? Maybe you’re thinking that dogs are too demanding and cats are too independent, and you’re not the iguana type of person either. But don’t stop there. The world of pets might be spinning around the more common dogs and cats, but rabbits are amazing animals as well. Find out 10 reasons why bunnies make good pets.

As opposed to dogs or cats, rabbits come with some super nice advantages, and to be honest, they’re very adorable. Sharing your house with a bun will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Sure, sometimes it won’t seem like that, especially after he’ll chew on everything in sight, but hey, I am sure he’ll find ways to make you smile again.

10 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Good Pets

1) Rabbits are quiet

Unlike dogs or cats, rabbits are very quiet animals, which is a great advantage especially if you are a light sleeper and wake up at the slightest sound. Or if you live in an apartment building and have sensible neighbors. If that’s the case, a rabbit is your perfect choice for a pet, since they make little to no noise at all, even if they decide to stay up a little more than you do. They don’t have to go to work the next day, do they?

2) Rabbits are loving

Rabbits prefer to have the company of their own kind around and are sociable animals. They have complex social lives and bond very well together. Rabbits always look for companionship when they are alone, and since he’ll be your pet and you’ll be around, expect some love and affection from his part.

If you spend enough time and interact with your rabbit, you’ll eventually become BFFs, as rabbits are known to get close to their owners. Some of them even get to the point where bunny recognizes the owner’s voice, comes and responds when called or follows their owner around the house.

3) Rabbits are easy to train

Yes, they can be trained, rabbits can be trained to do various things. From using the litter box to fun tricks, rabbits are quite easy to train. They are smart, so they’ll learn very quickly. Training your rabbit every day using the same techniques of positive reinforcement like with dogs and your rabbit will be able to entertain you. Just don’t forget about their special training treat.

4) Rabbits are super adorable

Rabbits are so adorable they will make you forget about the usual worries or bad days. It doesn’t matter what your mood will be when you get back home, your rabbit will brighten it up and make a smile appear on your face at the sight of your long-eared furry hopping friend. You simply can’t be sad with such an adorable, and lovable creature around.

5) Rabbits don’t need a lot of space

Rabbits don’t need that much space in your home, so they’re perfect even if you live in a small apartment and worry about restricting the freedom of your rabbit. they are joyfully living in a small place, and they’re good even in a small cage – provided it’s spacious enough for bunny needs – if you let him run around your house for a few hours every day to consume his energy. If you’re not keen on keeping him in a cage and want to let him roam free, make sure your bunny proves your home, as chewing is their favorite hobby.

6) Rabbits are very clean animals

You decide to pet a rabbit, but you might wonder about cleanliness. Well, you should know that with a little bit of training, rabbits will always use the litter box. What’s more, they’re always grooming themselves, so that will keep you worry-free. But that doesn’t mean he won’t make a mess of your furniture if you’re not careful to protect it.

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7) Rabbits don’t need to be walked

As opposed to dogs, for example, rabbits don’t need to be walked. They’re content hopping around your home or backyard for a few hours every day to spend their energy and they don’t need you to be around all day. they don’t mind living in a small cage, as long as it’s large enough for their needs.

Rabbits are fine between the four walls of your home. You only need to provide them with enough space for running around the house and stretching their legs and all will be well.

8) Rabbits are entertaining

Rabbits are entertaining and you’ll never get bored of them. Bunnies have distinct and super fun personalities, so you’ll always have a good time if you choose a bunny for a pet. Grumpy, playful, shy, or silly rabbits, there are plenty of options to choose from.

However, the more you invest in the relationship with your bunny, the better it will become. Rabbits love to run around to burn their energy and play. They are also very curious and determined creatures and sometimes even a little bit naughty, so if they’ve got something in mind, they’ll do it no matter what obstacles they come across. A pet rabbit will always make your days better and will enrich your life.

9) Rabbits come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors

There are over 45 breeds of rabbits out there and they all come in various sizes and with all kinds of different hair coat colors, with different personalities, so you have plenty of options for you to choose from.

10) Rabbits are long-lived

Compared to most other pet animals, rabbits are known for their long life span. They can live up to be over 9 years old, depending on care given along the time and their breed.

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