Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber? Is It Safe For Your Bunny?


Cucumber is a good veggie for your rabbit. because it contains nutrients and water that your rabbit needs and they enjoy them, so you may ask: Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber? the short answer is YES, cucumber is safe for rabbits, your rabbit can eat cucumber but with moderation. Moderate consumption of cucumber is good as a treat to your rabbit. Rabbits kept as pets should at least have four or three different types of veggies in their menu daily. 

In general, high consumption is associated with health problems. As a rabbit owner, you don’t want to feed your rabbit too much cucumber because it contains a large amount of water. As a consequence, too much water will cause a loose tool or diarrhea in your rabbit.

Your rabbit is better off consuming cucumber during the summer as opposed to the winter period. This is because the high water level in cucumber will calm your rabbit during summer. However, in winter, it will lead to loose tools.

Cucumber Health Benefits

Among the health benefits of cucumber, I should say that it is good for the joints, skin, tendons, and cartilage. A huge component of cucumber is water which is important in making our skin wet. Aside from, cucumber has silica which is crucial for connective tissues in the body such as tendons and cartilages

As a rabbit owner with regards to cucumber, the only concern you should have is whether it is grown commercially or organically. Organic cucumber is natural and good for your rabbit as opposed to commercially grown cucumber.

1) Is cucumber safe for rabbits? 

This is due to the pesticides and other chemicals such as fertilizers used when growing cucumbers commercially. These chemicals can cause a substantial risk to your rabbit since they are unhealthy.

Always remember to wash cucumbers thoroughly before feeding your rabbit.

2) How To Feed Your Rabbit Cucumber Properly?

A rabbit digestive system has a habit of eating plant-based things such as hay, vegetables, grass, and fruits. However, 75+ to 90 percent of your rabbit diet should constitute high-quality hay. The rest should be served as treats like cucumber.

Of course, Cucumber should not make up 100 percent of your rabbit’s diet. It is only intended to be a treat. Otherwise, your rabbit will suffer from stomach upset. While hay appears to be too primary food for your rabbit, it contains all the nutrients that your rabbit needs to live a healthy and happy life.

Besides, rabbits are used to constantly eating grass and grazing in the wild. Additionally, hay is good for their ever-growing teeth. Therefore, it is useful to provide feeds that mimic what they are used to in the wild.

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3) How Much Cucumber Is Safe For Rabbits?

After making sure that your rabbit diet has the nutritional requirements, then feed your rabbits treats like cucumber. Remember treats are only used to supplement your rabbit’s diet.

Feeding your rabbit one teaspoon per one-pound body weight is a good way to make your rabbit diet diverse and inclusive. Besides, it is necessary for your rabbit to take a little break from eating hay constantly.

If you want to feed your rabbit cucumber for the first time, you need to introduce it slowly. This is crucial for you to observe any health problems that can be caused by feeding cucumber. If you notice your rabbit is passing loose stool, you need to stop giving it cucumber by feeding it with alternative treats.

4) Why is it important to not feed your rabbit too much cucumber?

The reason cucumber may not be a healthy veggie for your rabbit is when it is introduced rapidly or given in excess.

Cucumber can be hard on your rabbit’s digestive system, particularly if you feed it rapidly to your bunny. Additionally, feeding too much cucumber can lead to health issues. One such health issue is runny diarrhea or stools. Diarrhea will make your rabbits pass soft cecotropes.

Cecotropes are nutrient-rich particles from the rabbit’s cecum that are not completely digested. Rabbits pass cecotropes in their stool and then ingest them so that they can get the nutrients that they did not get while eating.

The cecotropes are important for your rabbit’s diet because it is rich in vitamin B which your bunny cannot produce solely. Therefore, if your rabbit fails to ingest soft cecotropes it will not be able to get vitamin B. This means your bunny will be in trouble.

5) Do Cucumber Seeds good for your rabbit?

can- rabbits eat cucumber

Generally, it is always preferable that seeds from most of the vegetables and fruits, if not all should be discarded before feeding your rabbit. Well, as with any rule there is an exception. One such exception is a cucumber. The problem with seeds is some of them are toxic, like the seeds of pears which contain toxic cyanide, and others may be hard and big, and so they may pose a choking risk.

Cucumbers seeds are small, soft and are not toxic, so they do not pose any risk of lodging in your rabbit’s throat while eating. However, removing all the seeds from the cucumber can be a daunting task. Besides, when you remove them, there would be no cucumber left since the seeds make up an essential element of the vegetable.

6)  Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber Plants and Peels? 

Cucumber is a healthy vegetable all-round. Leaves and Peels will not hurt your rabbit. The peels sound to have a tough and rough texture. Besides, the peel is also bitter which is the reason why people usually peel off before eating it. You are doing a huge favor when you peel the cucumber before giving it to your rabbit .

Cucumber leaves are healthy for your rabbit. It contains little oxalic acid, and thus you can feed your rabbit without having any issues. In fact, the House Rabbit Society recommends that cucumber leaves are safe for your bunnies.

Most of the time people feed their rabbit cucumber leaves and have abandoned its fruit. The other parts of the vegetable such as the flowers are not known whether they are safe for your rabbit.

We advise that you avoid feeding your rabbit cucumber flowers since its safety is not known. While some may disagree since the rest of the plant is safe, the flowers should also be safe. But it is not prudent to use speculations to make decisions on what is safe for your lovely rabbit. 

Last word: 

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber? Yes. Rabbits can eat cucumber in moderation and as treats but too much of it can cause diarrhea and consequently soft cecotropes. Then, your furry friend will not be able to ingest the soft cecotropes, yet it contains important nutrients such as vitamin B.

When it comes to cucumber and rabbits, less is sufficient.

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